Staffers Casting

Staffers Casting

Cue93 Studios and InMyTree Filmworks are casting actors for August filming of the short film STAFFERS.

We are filming August 13th and 14th in DC.

All ages, ethnic backgrounds encouraged to submit headshot and resume.

Roles include executive types, interns and various other roles.

Small stipend available for principal roles.

Audition is being held in DC on Monday August 1st between 6-9pm.

Please contact with headshot and resume for more information and a time.


When an intern doesn’t live up to Congressman Rogers’ expectations, Natalie must put out the fire while hanging out with her friends at a local Hill Staffers’ Bar.

Character Descriptions:


Natalie is a Hill Staffer with an addiction to her Blackberry. She is overly organized and overly loyal. She became a Staffer to do good in the world and has been on the Hill for a year or so. She is an EA/Office manager for Congressman Rogers.

[INTERN] [GENDER: Either] [AGE: 19-20]

An optimistic hill intern, here to change the world.


Jaded and cynical, Donnie is more of a veteran of the Hill. Time has eroded his optimism, leaving him sarcastic and usually grumpy.


As a first time Congressman (and former state official in Indiana), Rogers is still adjusting to not being one of many ‘powerful’ people instead of one of a few. He believes that sleeping in his office shows his constituents that he is a true conservative.


Samantha loves the glamour and gossip that the Hill has to offer. She resourceful and a great friend.


Jason is a former Staffer that had enough of the game and quit. He now bartends at the Bar until he figures out what he wants to do with his life.

[CHIP] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 25-30]

An entitled Staffer from a rich family.

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