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Districtland tells the story of five DC Millennials who grapple with the loss of idealism while working, partying, and struggling to find meaning amid the city’s transactional foundations.

The World of Districtland

Shows about DC are having a moment. House of Cards, Veep, Scandal, Alpha House, and more. But those shows are about the halls of power: presidents, vice-presidents, important lawmakers, and their staff. Districtland is the story of this town’s young people. It’s about the Millennials who come to this city brimming with ambition, confidence, and idealism – and what happens once they run up against the familiar, messy problems of adulthood.

The world of Districtland takes place around the rough edges of those power structures we see in other shows. And, it examines how DC’s often self-centered, short-sighted denizens struggle to maintain their identity as something other than a cog in the transactional machine of US politics.

Surrounding these themes is a rapidly changing, gentrifying city which has suddenly, surprisingly become cool – a hotspot for ambitious, over-educated Millennials. This is the DC of hipster dive bars and microbreweries, of old Victorian row-houses occupied by underpaid young people, and of a town in which relationships amongst housemates (and lovers, friends, and colleagues) are in constant danger of being subsumed by the unique, anthropological phenomena that is Washington DC.