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  • Time Enough

    Time Enough

    Time Enough looks at the effect technology has on relationships despite distance and time. Following “An Accidental Memoir” (official selection of the…

  • After the Show

    After the Show

    Produced by Cue93 Studios and City Different Media Premiered at the AFI Silver Theatre, Silver Spring, MD - as part…

  • Districtland


    Synopsis Districtland tells the story of five DC Millennials who grapple with the loss of idealism while working, partying, and…

  • To Neptune

    To Neptune

    As human beings we often forget to fully live our lives and more often than not, it takes a harsh…

  • An Accidental Memoir

    An Accidental Memoir

    A years worn book links together the personal history of a group of strangers who leave behind glimpses of their…