“TO NEPTUNE” Pre-Production Update

“TO NEPTUNE” Pre-Production Update

First off, welcome to the Cue93 Production Blog! We’re going to be posting regularly here keeping everyone up to date on our projects (currently “To Neptune, On the Night Before the End”). As far as pre-production for “To Neptune” goes, this is something like week 8 or 9 and we’ve already had several production team meetings discussing the logistics and specifics of the shoot. We’re officially set to begin Saturday July 12, 2014.

However, this specific week has been full of amazing things:

  • We finalised casting on most of the main characters for the film. We still have an open casting call in place for  Fish, Parker, and “The Face”so if you are interested, please send headshots and your résumé to casting@cue93.com
  • We reached 104% on our Indie Go-Go as it wrapped up this week. That gives us a crowd funded budget of $4,155! This would not have been possible without 27 AMAZING contributors:
  • David & Andrea Newman
  • Kevin Sockwell
  • Rebecca Gray
  • Shaun Sutton
  • Michael & Norma Selman
  • Rachel Fink
  • Rob & Beth Grimes
  • Mimi Kress
  • Jason Selman
  • Shelly Ortiz
  • Alejandro Feliciano
  • Meagan Murphy
  • Jackie Dietsch
  • Toby Malbec
  • Jennifer Steiger
  • Barrie Grobstein
  • Alfretta Lee
  • and over $1,600 in anonymous donations!

We made several crucial decisions on workflow and the shooting process. We’ve decided to shoot on the Blackmagic Production Camera, shooting in 4K 12-bit uncompressed RAW for a 2K delivery. We’ve decided to go with this camera for several reasons, but mostly due to its 12-bit 4K internal signal. The workflow is going to be a bit different from what we’re used to working with, but its nothing the production team can’t handle.


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